SEASON 1 2013/14



We.Are.Culturally.Defined! This year was absolutely incredible! Many great guest teachers and an amazing Faculty! The best part though, was watching our students grow not only as dancers, but also as people! Always leaving great positivity and energy in the classroom and out of it!



2013/2014 Guest Teachers:

Slim Boogie
Kieren "NOYZE" Heralall
Caleaf "Big Leaf" Sellers
Tal "Falafel Lock" Iozef
Denzel Chisolm
Robin "BoogieBonez" Tjay



Dance Class

May 21, 2014

Culturally Defined would like to thank Denzel Chisolm for putting on a great class, bringing a great group of dancers together to share our passion and love for dance. The energy in this class was very focused, but the moment that music came on, it was fire! 

Thank you to everyone who came out and shared their passion!


Be sure to check out the Denzel Chisolm promo video here:



Locking Class

May 11, 2014

Culturally Defined would like to thank Tal Iozef for bringing in his funky style and personality as he brought in the knowledge and fundamentals of Locking. It was great to see everyone inspired, smiling and laughing by the end of the class after learning so much in the allotted time we had.

Thank you again Tal "Biz-R aka Falafel Lock" Iozef for your great talent.


House Class

May 1, 2014                                                        

Culturally Defined would like to thank Caleaf Sellers for bringing us his knowledge and passion for dance. We had an amazing time learning House fundamentals and getting the chance to just dance in a room filled with people passionate about dance. We are hoping to have Caleaf back in the future to teach and dance along side us once again.

Thank you Caleaf "Big Leaf" Sellers once again.

Vancity Project X

April 12, 2014



Dancehall workshop

January 25, 2014

Culturally Defined would like to thank Kieren
NOYZE Heralall for putting on such an amazing class
and showing those who came out, how to really get
down in Dancehall. This is a promotional video showing
a few clips of the class and the great energy exposed
in the room.


Be sure to check out the Dancehall with NOYZE promo video here:



Slim boogie
Popping workshop

November 10, 2013

Culturally Defined would like to thank Slim Boogie for giving us this great opportunity to learn from him and to have a class filmed with such great and positive energy. Learning popping and animation from Slim Boogie was definitely a great opportunity. 


Be sure to check out the POPPING with SLIM BOOGIE promo video here:


do what u luv

October 26, 2013

The Do What U Luv Movement is an organization of networks and communities, which started in Vancouver, advocating for the importance of creativity. We host free programs relating to Arts, Dance, Music, Sports and Martial Arts for the community. Our primary goal is to promote a positive lifestyle by building a healthy and safe community through education.

Advocating for Creative Learning is a Necessity for Youths, as Government Budget Cut for Education is causing these programs to be removed from our youths today, and the future generation.

Their Chief Goal is to provide FREE programs for people to learn and experience a positive lifestyle, bringing creativity back to youths. We need to invest more into our students and youths, because they will become the workforce, leaders, and innovators of the future.

By providing youths and their peers with opportunities to explore their creativity, we aim to educate them about the importance of developing a healthy self-image and self-esteem, in an effort to reduce Teenage Crime Rate and Bullying.

Check out the website: