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1hr class.
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Dance to your favourite music in a rotation of classes every week. Hip Hop Choreo, Reggaeton Hip Hop, Grooving, Contemporary Fusion, and one feature street style every month!


2hrs a week. 3-month program.
Progressive training. Spring, Summer, & Fall.

Train in small groups of 15-20 dancers over the course of 3 months with your lead instructor and a selection of guest instructors. Finish off the season with a live performance at Fortune Sound Club!


2-4.5hrs a week. 10-month program.
Goal-oriented, customized training. Sept - June.

The heart of Culturally Defined. Students build an incredible repertoire of dance vocabulary, freestyle and performance skills, with an emphasis on commitment and support.


INTRO LVL | New to dance
Catered towards new dancers who want a beginner introduction to hip hop dance and grooving. Choreography and exercises are broken down slowly as you get comfortable with your rhythm, coordination, and balance.

LVL 1 | Beginner
For dancers with little dance experience and/or are new to hip hop and street styles. At a beginner-friendly pace, each class will focus on understanding grooves, practicing rhythm and musicality, and picking up choreography.

LVL 1.5 | Intermediate
For dancers with 2+ years of hip hop/street styles experience. Ideal for dancers who are looking to explore and refine their shapes, levels, strength, and footwork in choreography and technique.

LVL 2 | Intermediate/Advanced
For dancers with 3+ years of hip hop/street styles experience and want to refine their skills and technique. We will take a more personal approach, focusing on elements in your movement such as texture, dynamic, and precision.

OPEN LVL | All levels welcome
Classes are inclusive to all dancers, no matter the experience. Our instructors will cover the basics and work up to adding variations, extra flavour, and choreography in order to make sure everyone in the class is feeling welcome, yet challenged.