3-month progressive programs. 2hrs a week. Let’s get training. | Levels 1, 1.5, & 2.

You will be introduced to fundamental hip hop and street styles such as popping, locking, house, waacking, party grooves. Our goal is to help you become a more versatile and creative street dancer by building a stronger foundation of knowledge and technique to be applied to your personal dance style- whatever that may be. At the heart of street dance, freestyle plays a huge part of the culture and history and we will explore it throughout our classes.

Programs will train 2hrs per week with a lead instructor and an array of guest instructors, including Chris Wong. We’ll finish the term off with a performance showcase at Fortune Sound Club! No audition required.



This program is designed for dancers new to hip hop and street styles. At a beginner-friendly pace, each rehearsal will be focused on understanding grooves, practicing balance, coordination, and rhythm through training in hip hop, party grooves, and house footwork. We’ll introduce you to the rich hip hop culture that we love, and show you the ways that your training can be implemented in your dance style- in class or on the dance floor.

1. Comfortably understand and follow grooving and basic footwork
2. Discover the culture of hip hop and party grooves
3. Feel confident in your movement and performance

No audition required. 3-month program.


In this program, we begin to build up our street styles technique at an intermediate level- exploring shapes, levels, strength, and footwork. You will train in street styles such as popping, waacking, and house which all carry strong history and have become large parts of the hip hop dance culture. The focus of this course is to learn how to apply the movement into your personal style of dance and implement these techniques in freestyle and choreography.

1. Have a basic understanding of the street styles (movement, style, and culture)
2. Feel confident in picking up and performing choreography
3. Comfortably follow freestyle exercises and challenges

No audition required. 3-month program.

Culturally Defined Hip Hop Training Programs


Level 2 is directed towards dancers with good street styles experience, and who are looking to expand their dance vocabulary. We will take a more personal approach, focusing on elements in your movement such as texture, dynamic, and precision. Classes will contain street styles technique training (popping, locking, waacking, and house), freestyle training, choreography and performance training. You can look forward to feedback from instructors and peers in order to create a comfortable space for dancers to share and learn from one another.

1. Have a well-rounded understanding of fundamental street styles and its culture
2. Confidently execute choreography and add your personal style
3. Be able to incorporate fundamental street styles into your freestyle

No audition required. 3-month program.


Are these programs progressive or is each class drop-in style? 

All programs are progressive training programs; classes will build upon each other while you explore different styles of hip hop and street styles. They are not drop-in classes. 

How will the classes be structured?

Every class starts with a 15min warm up featuring high energy exercises, social activities, and stretching. The first hour will focus on training street style fundamentals (grooving, popping, locking, house, waacking, etc.). The second hour will be a mix of freestyle training and choreography.

I’ve completed one term of training with CD and am interested in moving forward, what should I do next?

Read through the 3 goals of each level as stated above- If you found your course level to be challenging, we highly recommend that you take the same level again until you feel confident about meeting each goal. Each term is organized with different focuses and instructors so that you can retake a course while still building on your repertoire. If you can’t decide, feel free to ask your instructor for advice! We’re here to help.