Dance education is very important to us, and we believe that learning and practicing dance leads to a healthy minds and bodies. Through practice, young adults can greatly improve their strength, stamina, body awareness, coordination, flexibility, timing, and social confidence, as well as get a cardio-intensive workout. 

Our high school programs include two to five days of training with students onsite during school hours. Within this training, students will learn choreography and social dancing, practice team building, and run drills. Based on the teachers’ requirements and itinerary, we will provide you with custom program packages that will fit into your class goals and budget.

Our most requested dance styles are Hip Hop, Partner Hustle, Break Dance, Choreography. Other styles we offer include popping, locking, house, jazz, ballroom and salsa. Our faculty team is made up of highly experienced dance teachers who work with students of all ages around the city. With your class goals and budget in mind, we customize dance programs to best fit your class and your students.  




Mix programs together to give students a variety of dance style experiences.

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"Chris Wong [director of Culturally Defined] has taught workshops in my school for the past 3 years. Chris leads fun, accessible, and high-energy workshops for students of all abilities. His classes are challenging yet well-paced to ensure all dancers feel inspired and empowered to move. Using current choreography and a knowledge base that incorporates a wide variety of street dance styles, Chris has a unique ability to push students past their comfort zones and try new things while learning important movement skills."

- Alan Pronger, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

"Chris [director of Culturally Defined] has been a champion of dance at Sutherland Secondary for five years now. He can bring up to 80 students together in one gym and have everyone trying new moves, challenging themselves, and smiling. His classes are inclusive and accessible for ALL levels, and students are encouraged to add their own style to the combinations he teaches. In addition to hip hop, Chris and Brigitte have made new style hustle a crowd favourite, and students have learned more about the nuances of interacting with one another than they will ever learn from their phones and devices! Fun, energetic, and approachable, Culturally Defined delivers!"

- Hilary Watt, Department Head, Sutherland Secondary School