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This 6-week program is designed for dancers who enjoy professional training but at a comfortable pace. Our faculty will introduce students to the diversity of hip hop culture by training in a wide variety of street dance styles and choreography at a beginner-friendly level. Each rehearsal will be focused on learning and improving fundamental movement, as well as exploring your personal style in a welcoming environment. Gain confidence in your movement and learn from the best street style instructors in town!

2.25hrs weekly. No audition required.

This level is right for you if you:

  • are completely new to dance
  • have previous dance experience but want explore hip hop & street styles
  • have less than 1 year of hip hop experience


July 17-August 21 (6-week program)
Tuesdays 7:00-9:15pm
Studio: One Thousand Rivers | 54 4th Ave E. 


Learn from Culturally Defined faculty and build on the basics of street dance styles at an intermediate level in this 6-week program. Strengthen your technique, explore your personal freestyle, and learn how to implement it into choreography. This program offers rehearsals for dancers at an accelerated pace, where you can expect high intensity classes that will challenge you to grow both in mindset and skill. We hope to offer feedback from instructors and peers in order to create a comfortable space for dancers to share and learn from one another.

2.25hrs weekly. No audition required.

This level is right for you if you:

  • have 1+ years of hip hop experience
  • are open to valuable feedback and looking for a challenge
  • want to improve your performance and freestyle skills


July 16-August 20 (6-week program)
Mondays 6:45-9:00pm
Studio: W Broadway St.


How do I know which program is right for me?

CD Open is ideal for dancers who are looking to train at a beginner-friendly level. CD Intensive is ideal for dancers with at least 1 year of dance experience, can learn at a medium-to-fast pace, and are looking to challenge themselves with feedback from instructors. 

Is this program a progressive or is each class drop-in style? 

Both programs are progressive training programs; classes will build upon each other while you explore different styles of hip hop and street styles. They are not drop-in classes. 

Are there performance opportunities in either programs?

CD Open is focused on training the basics and does not offer any performance opportunities. Depending on the season, CD Intensive will offer performance opportunities (not available in summer).