Culturally Defined

// 10 month program (September-June)

Throughout the season, students will train in a variety of street dance styles at an intermediate/advanced level. This program will challenge dancers to develop their individual freestyle and choreography, strengthen their technique, prepare for and participate in local battles, and perform across the city. Expect classes with high intensity and feedback from teachers. All this training will be showcased in our highly anticipated year end show, which features a selection of student choreography. 
6hrs weekly. 

Next Season: September 2018



// 3 month program

For dancers looking for a challenge-
Learn from Culturally Defined faculty and build on the basics of street dance styles at an intermediate level. Strengthen your technique, explore your personal freestyle, and learn how to implement it into choreography. This program offers rehearsals for dancers at an accelerated pace with feedback from teachers, and an opportunity to perform at our CD Year End Show.
2hrs weekly.

Next Season: Summer 2018



// 3 month program

For absolute beginners and up-
This program is designed for dancers who enjoy professional training but at a comfortable pace. Our faculty will introduce students to the diversity of hip hop culture by training in a wide variety of street dance styles at a beginner-friendly level. Gain confidence in your movement and learn from the best.
2hrs weekly. 

Next Season: Summer 2018