This program is right for you if you:

  • are committed to learning and growing in a group of dedicated dancers

  • want to explore all hip hop & street dance styles

  • treat dance as a serious hobby


10-month program.

This program is the heart of Culturally Defined. Throughout the 10 month program, students build an incredible repertoire of dance vocabulary, freestyle and performance skills, and experience impressive growth through the commitment and support of one another. Dancers will train in a variety of street dance styles at an intermediate/advanced level. This program will challenge dancers to develop their individual freestyle and choreography, strengthen their technique, prepare for and participate in local battles, and perform across the city. Expect classes with high intensity and feedback from teachers. All this training will be showcased in our highly anticipated year end show, which features a selection of student choreography. 

6hrs weekly. Audition required.

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Do you have what it takes?
Be a part of Culturally Defined's 7th season Crew.

The audition will be an open class containing training exercises, choreography, and some freestyle. We want to get to know you and your goals. In particular, we're looking for dancers who demonstrate the commitment and the desire to experience the full spectrum of street dance. Intermediate/Advanced level.

4-6pm Sunday, July 28.
Raincity Dance (163-555 W 12th Ave.)

The program will run at an intermediate/advanced level. Rehearsals will be vary from 4-6 hours per week from September 2019 to June 2020. During mentor months, you'll be assigned 1 full month of personal development in small groups with our director, Chris Wong & various guest instructors.


What kind of training can I expect over the course of 10 months? 

Our 10-month program will offer quality training in hip hop and street styles including grooving, house, waacking, bboying, popping, locking, and freestyle from elite local faculty, as well as out-of-town guest teachers. 

How many dancers train together in this group?

This training group is a committed group of 16-18 dancers who explore movement and develop their personal style through training across multiple styles. 

I have experience in some styles, but zero experience in some of the other styles mentioned. Can I still join? 

Absolutely! We love when dancers are willing to learn and explore something completely new. We highly encourage dancers to keep an open mind when training and expect effort, not perfection. 

Is there an audition required? 

Yes, you do have to audition for this 10-month program. We look for dancers who demonstrate commitment, open mindedness, cooperation, respect, and effort.