I like what Culturally Defined does- how can I learn to dance with this company? 

We offer a 10 month program for dancers who are looking to really advance their skills and learn more about hip hop and street styles. Our 2-3 month training programs are offered in both beginner and intermediate levels and are ideal for dancers who would like a taste of Culturally Defined training with a smaller time commitment. 
Please find more information about our programs under the 'programs' tab. 

How often does Culturally Defined perform? 

Throughout the year, CD dancers perform in 2-3 live showcases, often in collaboration with other dance events. One of our favourite parts of the year is our year end production, dedicated to showcasing a selection of our student choreography as well as faculty choreography. To find out about these, join our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest news.